Anyway, it's probably a better battery than the ones which would have been sold alongside this thing back in the early 1990s. the twin turbo aero hopper is the fastest of the 9.6v tycos. Shop with confidence. RC Classic Cars & Trucks - Tyco Fast Traxx - Those LED'S are ***** dope lol. I have shown it next to an original FAST TRAXX for comparison (original FAST TRAXX not included in this sale). Free shipping. Because it is missing a piece, it is being sold as-is. Click below to begin your paid subscription. Tyco Toys MB173. up for auction: one tyco super fast traxx. And it really is fast. Click below to begin your paid subscription. For the US market, Tyco actually renamed it to the lengthier “9.6v Turbo Fast Traxx”, and here’s how it was presented in a Tyco Dealer catalogue… (Image courtesy: Tyco Bandit King) In most countries, the toy was presented in a nice window box, and came in a variety of bright colours. Search over 43,000 listings to find the best Bellingham, WA deals. For Sale Tyco super fast traxx in box rare Cars - Cars and Parts (FS/W) to ship via UPS. Get in the Fast Lane! Ford Mondeo. Search over 37,400 listings to find the best Bellingham, WA deals. THIS ITEM WAS SENT TO US (DEREK & DEREK) FOR MISC PROJECTS - WE DID ALLOT OF R&D FOR TYCO FROM 1979-1994. Dungeons and Dragons, What Is It and What’s It Worth? You probably don't want this thing for its box, though. Glad that somebody started a discussion about this super car. Matchbox Super Fast 1993 #51. The antenna is a bit frayed, but is in good working order, and could easily be repaired. Du-Bro 222 3/32" x 2' Medium Super Blue Silicone Tubing. You can see that the plastic around the gearbox is not craked. $119.99 $ 119. Continue reading. ... Matchbox Fast Lane 1995 #4 1957 Chevy Super Fast New Look White MOC Tyco Toys. TYCO HISTORY WITH DEREK & DEREK. THIS ITEM WAS SENT TO US (DEREK & DEREK) FOR MISC PROJECTS - WE DID ALLOT OF R&D FOR TYCO … Up for sale is this vintage tyco 1992 Traxx Slot car. JJTOYS Indy Style Formula One Slot Car Track Ho Scale Race Set New and Improved 2016. With the 86 pieces of track included, you can make at least 18 different 4-lane raceway designs. I would encourage you to take a good look at those pictures by Super Fast Traxx photos You'll notice the rubber tractor treads are in great condition, and if you know anything about these vehicles, you're probably aware that the treads are the among the most sought-after parts for people trying to restore Fast Traxxes.As the photos show, this Fast Traxx is in darned good condition. If its missing things like a charger etc that's fine. I want caterpillars/endless tracks for my Super Fast Traxx, do you know from where can I buy them? This is very rare in this model ! Matchbox Lesney Ford Galaxie No 55/59 … Matchbox 1997 Super Fast New Model #69 68 Mustang Cobra Jet MOC Tyco … Tyco 9.6v Turbo Fast Traxx Drive Belts **12 Belt Lot***, RARE Original Tyco 9.6V Fast Traxx R/C Turbo, Tyco Fast Traxx Rc 9.6v Turbo Orange 27 MHz With Remote Control, Tyco 9.6v Turbo Fast Traxx With 12 New Belts, Charger, 1:10 Scale Tyco Turbo Fast Traxx READY-TO-GO! I saw that on Tyco website, there are no service parts for sale such as batteries or caterpillars/endless tracks. Vintage Tyco RC FAST TRAXX 9.6V Turbo RC. Bezgar 6 Hobbyist Grade 1:16 Scale Remote Control Truck, 4wd High Speed 42 Km/h . Vintage Tyco For Sale Online. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant I'm selling a relic from my childhood... an extremely rare Tyco Super Fast Traxx! It comes in its original packaging, though as you can see, the box and Styrofoam are not in pristine condition. Regarding performance, those two times that I played with it, it definitely wasn't powerful enough to pop wheelies the way they did in the TV commercials which aired back in the 1990s. Search over 31,000 Chevrolet Trax listings to find the best deals in Bellingham, WA.