2. His passing last Wednesday, was announced by his … HK Court of First Instance, 9-Jan-2007 HK Court of First Instance, 8-Jul-2011 Sean Eric Mclean (age 44) is listed at 805 Crestridge Dr Tarpon Springs, Fl 34688 and is affiliated w Hotung (“Michael”), Sean Eric Mclean Hotung (“Sean”) and Anthony Eric Ryan Hotung (“Anthony”). Reimer is married to her longtime boyfriend Sean Eric Mclean Hotung in May 2019. Each of the beneficiaries are … Many speculated that the couple are tying the knot when friends of the now-attorney sent her congratulatory wishes, telling her that Sean will be the perfect man to protect her. 17 Jun – Following her Buddhist wedding last year, former actress-turned-solicitor Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) recently held a church ceremony with husband, Sean Eric Mclean Hotung.. As reported on Mingpao, the couple walked down the aisle at St. John's Cathedral in Central, witnessed by their family and close friends, sans Mary's two daughters, Wanyi and Xingyi. Billionaire Eric Edward Hotung, the colorful eldest grandson of Robert Hotung, died aged 91. References External links. Ho, Winnie Yuen Ki; Hotung, Sean Eric Mclean 何猷彪 HK Court of First Instance, 28-Nov-2008 In addition, Hotung moves, pursuant to CPLR 603 and 3212 (e), for severance of the counterclaims against him and the cross claims against Cosmopolitan Properties being asserted by Mr. Sean Eric McLean Hotung (McLean Hotung). CY Leung & Co, which merged with property consultant DTZ in 2000, is named as one of 10 defendants in a writ filed yesterday in the High Court by Sean Eric Mclean Hotung. The Standard - Hotung says son has it in for him - Metro Section. Sean Eric McLean Hotung, and Gabrielle Hotung-Davidson, In this declaratory judgment action, plaintiff Mr. Eric Edward Hotung (Hotung) moves, pursuant to CPLR 3212, for an order granting summary judgment in his favor, declaring that he has the sole, unencumbered right to … 何東的生父是荷蘭裔猶太人何仕文(1839年8月29日—1892年11月10日)。 「何姓」是何仕文從1859年至1873年在香港逗留期間所使用的漢化姓氏。何仕文原荷蘭姓氏是Bosman漢化為何姓,其姓氏Bosman音譯為粵語「何仕文」(粵語拼 … The first declaration was made on 29 November 1979 in respect of 10,002 shares in a company called Hotung Enterprises Limited. 何東家族,始興於1890年代,被認為是殖民地時期的香港 四大家族之一。. Mary Jean Reimer Lau official website; Yung Jing-Jing at the Hong Kong Movie DataBase; Mary Jean Reimer at Hong Kong Cinemagic; Mary Jean Reimer on … As reported on Mingpao, rumours of Mary's new love life sparked recently, after she began sharing photos of her with a Caucasian man identified as Sean Eric Mclean Hotung. The former martial arts actress says she has married boyfriend Sean Eric Hotung last year